Pre-Conference Tutorials

Sunday 26 March 2023 | 15.00 – 18.30 h

The pre-conference tutorials – run by renowned experts – are designed to quickly bring newcomers up to speed on the state of the art and to refresh what they already know. They are great preparation for actively joining the discussion on the ensuing days of the conference.

Tutorial 1: Functional coatings

Dr Volkmar Stenzel, Fraunhofer IFAM

Anti-scratch, easy to clean and many other possible add-ons for coatings will be presented in this tutorial. The technological details of the different specialties of the best-known chemistries will be explained, like the fundamentals of nano-materials. An outlook of special performance enhancements of functionalities for the coatings industry is included.

Tutorial 2: Formulating adhesives and sealants

Dr Matthias Popp, Fraunhofer IFAM

Bonding – it is part and parcel of everyday life. There is hardly another field as chemically and

technically diverse as that of adhesives and sealants. This tutorial will familiarise you with the most important types, focusing on the composition and ingredients of the different kinds of adhesive with their chemical structures and functional groups, so that you will be able to clearly deduce the resulting properties. Using practical formulation tips, you will analyse guide recipes and patent examples and learn to calculate key recipe parameters step by step. At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to formulate confidently and competently!

Tutorial 3: Understanding biocides and the latest regulations

Dr Annette Bitsch, Fraunhofer ITEM

Inadequate preservation of paints and surface coatings leads to visual contamination. In-can bacterial contamination can lead to undesired liquefaction, odors, gassing and discoloration. The use of biocides is indispensable to avoid this process. This tutorial covers all you need to know about the use of biocides. Additionally, you will learn about the current changes that have to been made to the Biocides Directive in Europe.

Tutorial 4: Polyurethane coatings

Dr Ulrich Freudenberg, Consultant

This tutorial investigates the coatings-relevant standard polyisocyanates and their characteristic properties, the characteristic features of polyol components in use for coatings applications and how these components influence the coatings performance. Which combinations are suitable for which applications? Why, and what are the specific characteristics in the binder chemistry of 1K and 2K solventborne PUR coatings, 1K and 2K waterborne PUR coating, UV curing PUR coatings, PUR powder coatings and dual cure systems?

Tutorial 5: Dispersing pigments and fillers – theory to practice

Frank Kleinsteinberg, Evonik

There is no disputing that paint making hinges on the dispersing process, which is the most important and most complex aspect of the process. An optima l dispersion is essential for a high quality paint offering optimum gloss and high tinting strength. The success of dispersing depends on many factors. This tutorial offers an overview of all interrelated factors and shows how they can be manipulated to yield perfect results.

Please note that the pre-conference tutorials and the main conference are two individual events. Pre-registration is required.


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